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A dependable piece of law enforcement technology, the TASER X2 incorporates agencies' most requested features such as a backup shot, dual lasers, and a warning arc to protect life in the field.


The TASER X2's backup shot removes any need to manually reload and improves safety and performance in the case of a missed shot or clothing disconnect.


Dual lasers eliminate any aiming guesswork and enhance accuracy by allowing the user to see exactly where the top and bottom probes will enter a target.

Arc of Justice

The warning arc increases voluntary surrenders and helps stop conflicts from escalating. It issues an audible warning directly over the front of live cartridges.

“All of our initial field uses of the X2 resulted in voluntary surrenders upon display of the warning arc… This was dramatically different than our previous experience with the X26.”

— Kevin Sailor, Westminster Police Department

Cross-Connect Effect

Cross-connect improves overall effectiveness by increasing the amount of electricity delivered throughout the muscle mass, resulting in a greater level of incapacitation without supplying an additional charge current.

Smart Weapon, Smart Cartridge

The static-resistant TASER smart cartridge is more accurate and durable than a standard cartridge, which increases reliability and lowers the risk of accidental discharge.

The Future is Now

Much like the shift from the revolver to the semi-automatic, the days of the single-shot electrical weapon will soon be a thing of the past. And with dual lasers, cross-connect, and a more accurate smart cartridge, the future of TASER technology has arrived in the form of the X2.

Upgrade Today

Interested in the TASER X2? We offer generous and flexible financing plans, including TASER 60, which lets you achieve budget certainty by spreading your payments over 60 months.


BLACKHAWK® Holster (X2)
SKU # 22501, 22504

BLACKHAWK® Holster (X2)

SKU # 22501, 22504

The BLACKHAWK® Holster is available in Right Hand (SKU # 22501) and Left Hand (SKU # 22504) models.

Performance Power Magazine (PPM)

SKU # 22010

The PPM is a lithium energy cell battery for the X2 or X26P CEW.

Auto Shut-Down Performance Power Magazine (APPM)

SKU # 22011

The APPM is a modified TASER CEW battery which shuts down the high voltage output of the CEW after 5 seconds and which also contains a built in speaker that alerts the user to the impending shut down. The APPM provides an audible beeping alert for the last two seconds of a trigger activated firing cycle before automatically shutting down the device. The APPM can be configured to impact the functionality of the ARC switch based on agency preference. The APPM is available for use in the TASER X2 and X26P CEWs only and is also available as an option for the TASER CAM HD. The APPM feature of the TASER CAM HD Auto Shutdown (AS) has no impact on video and audio recording; however the audio alert will be captured on the recording and may distort any audio captured from the incident during the duration of the audio alert. As long as the Safety switch is in the up (ARMED) position, the TASER CAM HD AS will continue to capture your event.

Tactical Performance Power Magazine (TPPM)

SKU # 22012

TPPM has an extension to provide a larger grip on the CEW. The TPPM does not hold an extra cartridge.

Signal Performance Power Magazine

SKU # 70116

The Signal Performance Power Magazine (SPPM) is a TASER CEW battery that reports to your Axon camera when your Smart Weapon is armed so it can start recording. As with the APPM, the SPPM can be configured in to shut down the electrical output of the CEW after 5 seconds.

Dataport Download Kit (X2/X26P)

SKU # 22013

The Dataport Download Cable is specifically designed to plug into the TASER X2 or X26P CEW via the battery well and connects to a PC using an available USB port. This cable allows for the upload of firing data from the X2 or X26P CEW to via Online SYNC or the download of the firing data to a local computer via Offline SYNC.

HANDALL® Universal Grip Sleeve

SKU # 22018

The HANDALL® Universal Grip Sleeve has a scientifically designed shape that conforms to fit your TASER X2 or X26P CEW.

CEW Maintenance and Cleaning Kit

SKU # 85002
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